Seven Alternative Rock Bands Deserving of Your Attention

Alternative Rock n’ Roll is a genre of music that has been beloved for more than three decades now. During its peak in popularity, there were a number of different bands that controlled the radio waves. In this article, we have obtained the seven alternative rock ensembles that are in need of your attention right now. These are bands that crafted a sound unique to their generation and made individuals around the globe go insane during their live venues.

Inner Temple

Inner Temple is a three-piece band from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. They were able to quench the first of their fans during the early 90’s as one of the alternative rock bands that were crafting music with a modern band theme. This band took the torch from Nirvana & The Screaming Trees but continued in a glorified manner.

Outta The Furnace

Outta The Furnace is a three-piece modern rock band that hail from Virginia Beach. A band that is a mix of the White Stripes & Buddy Guy. It’s a sound that is rare to find. In their infamous state, they had hundreds of thousands of fans backing their songs.

Reverb Nation

An experimental alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. Reverb Nation had a wide range of influences that defined future generations of musicians around the globe. The crafting behind their songwriting is some of the best in this genre.

Tim Branom

Tim Branom, a rock n rolls music veteran from Los Angeles, California is a musician that has worked with multiple bands throughout his career. He is a songwriter behind some of the most infamous rock songs in history. He was also a part of Days of the New & Layne Staley He is considered to be one of the royal artists of the genre. Just last month his new single named Blind was the most downloaded song on iTunes.

Ultra Major

Ultra Major, a band from Brooklyn is a band that took alternative rock and turned it into something of a heavy metal genre. Their sound is considered to be one of the most vibrant of the 90’s with their loud guitars yet smooth vocals.

The Vidos

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to a three-piece punk band that is classified as being a part of the alternative rock genre. Their music isn’t overplayed punk music that could make the ears bleed. Instead, it a mixture of early day punk and peak alternative rock, making for a unique sound.


Ribs is a duo band from Boston. Their sound is still alternative with a heavy emphasis on guitars. Their vocalist is said to have the sound of an aura oasis. This band more than any other on the list should be experienced today as their sound is lovely to the ears, it’s peaceful and soothing for any single individual.