The Cure

The Cure, a British based rock band that originates from Crawley in West Sussex started their career back in 1976. The band over the years has experienced several new band members with the vocalist, guitarist, and even songwriter all leaving the band. None the less the band still after all of its changes has been able to remain influential to young adults all around the globe. Their first album release “Three Imaginary Boys” sprung a new wake into the punk rock revolution in the United Kingdom. When the 1980’s began, the band was at its peak popularity and was selling out shows all across the European Union.

The Cure

It was with the release of their second album in 1982 “Pornography” that the band’s future became uncertain. The name of the album alone was enough to cause an uproar, the main single for that song was called “Let’s Go to Bed”. This had thousands of parents in the United Kingdom, Europe & North America from telling their children they could no longer listen to The Cure. It wasn’t until new songs like “Just Like Heaven” or “Friday I’m in Love” that parents began believing the music was again respectful. Parents were unaware of just how much these song titles were meant to be misleading.

As their popularity once again reached a new peak during the late 80’s they released their third studio album “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me” which took the entire world by storm. It was in the top ten for several different countries. They even entered the US Top 40 with a position of 35. They eventually would reach the third top placement in the US Top 40 before this song would stop being overplayed on the airwaves. This new album embodied their future as a band, so much so that by 2004 the band sold a total of twenty-seven million studio copies of their albums. That’s more copies of their albums then there are citizens in the country of Canada.

Since then the band was released a number of different albums including Wild Mood Swings, Galore, Bloodflowers, Disintegration and The Cure. The latest album to be released by this band is 4:13 The Dream which was released back in 2008. Since that year these artists have just released the occasional EP or new single. They are currently up for induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame as of 2012. If inducted they will become one of the great rock ensembles in history by fact.

The Cure, they’ve done more than anyone could possibly imagine. As an ensemble, they’ve done more for the alternative rock genre than the majority of other artists. Only Nirvana can be considered to reach the same heights in popularity that this band has been able to accomplish over the years. This band is suspected to be entered into the Hall of Fame this year as their next in line to receive the award & when this occurs, they’ll reach a new peak in popularity. This is a band one should keep an eye out for.